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MeetingSphere presents XLeap

Systematically good decisions

MeetingSphere has taken the leap and has rebranded the next generation of its benchmark Group Decision Support System under the name of XLeap. XLeap let's your best and brightest chart the course. It let's all levels of your organization contribute to, instead of getting in the way of, necessary change.

XLeap lets your people drive competitive advantage. By pulling out the stops. By making possible what remains an illusion in meetings and workshops or when relying on consultants: Engagement, honesty, creativity, priorities and speed. In other words,

  • full awareness of the issues and their causes
  • creative, feasible solutions
  • rapid and structured assessment of (side) effects

which are the foundations of good decisions that secure success.

XLeap supports global businesses and government agencies and those who serve them. It is built on the latest web technologies.

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