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Client and Network

Client and network

Browsers and mobile devices connect to the MeetingSphere service via standard port TCP 443 (https; TLS 1.3). The voice service uses ports UDP 20,000 - 65,000 falling back to TCP 443 if those ports are blocked.



MeetingSphere runs in recent versions of the most popular browsers.

  • Chrome from version 48 (Recommended)
    Chrome is fully compatible also on Chromebooks and Mac.
  • Firefox from version 52 (Recommended)
    Firefox is fully compatible
  • Edge from version 16
    Edge from version 79 (Chromium) is fully compatible. Older versions do not support active screen sharing.
  • Safari from version 11
    Safari is compatible. It does not support active screen sharing.
  • Internet Explorer 11
    Internet Explorer 11 is compatible. It requires an add-on for voice conferencing and (passive) screen sharing.

Tablets and phones

By their design, mobile devices only support passive screen sharing.

Android. Users of Android tablets or smartphones use Chrome or Firefox.

iOS. Users of iPads or iPhones use Safari (from v11). Users of older iOS versions with Safari 10 cannot receive screen sharing.

Chrome browser
Firefox browser
Microsoft Edge
Safari browser
Internet Explorer 11