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Cloud - Installed - Portable

Solutions for freelancers, businesses and government.

Choose your MeetingSphere® Solution

Whether you are an individual who simply wants to make web conferencing more collaborative and productive or take your workshops online or whether you are part of a larger organization, MeetingSphere has a solution for you.

MeetingSphere Pro

Individuals and smaller teams are probably served best by personal meeting centers which offer the full benefits of MeetingSphere yet avoid the burden of corporate style administration and associated cost.

MeetingSphere Pro gives project professionals, subject matter experts and facilitators all they need to supercharge their face-to-face work or take their workshops online.

Solutions for Businesses and Government

Government agencies and businesses who need to implement security standards or manage best practice choose amongst a range of MeetingSphere deployments. These deployments offer a Meeting center which can be controlled according to their purposes and guidelines. The offerings differ in accessibility, scalability, security options and where the data is held.

Meeting centers are available as a cloud service (SaaS) and for installation in the organization's data center. These networked Meeting centers are complemented by the Portable Server appliance which is made for occasions where one does not want to rely on the Internet.

Cloud (SaaS)

In-house (installable)

Portable Servers (pre-installed)

* Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility