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    Solutions for professionals and organizations.

Change the way you do business!

Whether you are an individual who simply wants to run more productive workshops or take workshops online or whether you are part of a larger organization, MeetingSphere has a solution for you.


Individuals and teams of workshop professionals are probably served best by MeetingSphere Connect which offers the full benefit of MeetingSphere yet avoids the burden of corporate style administration and associated cost. To collaborate with colleagues or partners, owners of MeetingSphere Connect simply connect their environment with others following a decentralized network approach.

Professionals who require MeetingSphere in locations where they cannot rely on the Internet, complement their cloud environment with a Portable MeetingSphere Server. Sessions are easily moved from one environment to the other by export and import of session files.  


Organizations who need to implement security standards or manage best practice choose amongst a range of MeetingSphere deployments. These deployments offer a shared MeetingSphere environment which can be controlled according to the organization's purposes and guidelines. The offerings differ in accessibility, scalability, security options and where the data is held.

MeetingSphere for organizations is offered as a cloud service (SaaS) and for installation in the organization's data center. These networked deployments are complemented by the Portable MeetingSphere Server appliance which is made for occasions where one does not want to rely on the Internet.

Cloud (SaaS)

Installed (on premises)

Portable (pre-installed server appliance)

*Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility