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  • Enterprise MeetingSphere (Cloud)
    Enterprise-class security and scalability.

Enterprise MeetingSphere® (Cloud)

Enterprise MeetingSphere is the cloud offering for organizations. It offers enterprise class features and scalability.

Features of this solution include

  • Full MeetingSphere tool set
  • Easy collaboration between Hosts and Co-Hosts
  • Templates for management of Best Practice
  • Dedicated web application
  • Dedicated database on a dedicated (encrypted) volume
  • Dedicated instantly restorable backup
  • LDAP directory integration (optional)
  • Enterprise class security controls
  • Choice of deployment region (Amazon AWS Virginia or Ireland)
  • Fully qualified URL e.g.
  • Branded login screen, welcome screen, session reports
  • Easy roll-out across the organization - just add Host licenses
  • Personally licensed Hosts can run unlimited sessions with unlimited participants

Enterprise MeetingSphere (Cloud) is delivered as a software service (SaaS) from the Amazon Cloud which provides the highest levels of security and, of course, 24 x 7 application monitoring. For details, see datasheet "Enterprise MeetingSphere (Cloud)".

Deployment of an Enterprise MeetingSphere (Cloud) requires

  • A one-time set-up fee
  • A Subscription for the Enterprise MeetingSphere
  • At least one Named Host subscription covering the required number of Hosts.

Typically, you will purchase your Enterprise MeetingSphere through the Certified MeetingSphere Partner closest to you geographically, or closest to your industry.

To U.S. Government agencies, Enterprise MeetingSphere (Cloud) is available under GSA Contract GS-35F-514BA.

To UK Government customers, Enterprise MeetingSphere (G-Cloud) is available from the Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud 9).

Comparison of cloud deployments

  MeetingSphere Connect Enterprise MeetingSphere Managed Enterprise Server
Full MeetingSphere toolkit yes yes yes
Authenticated sessions yes yes yes
Sessions by personal link (optional) yes yes yes
Open sessions (optional) yes yes yes
SSL encryption of traffic yes yes yes
Disc encryption (data at rest) yes yes yes
Connect to other deployments yes no no
Dedicated web container no yes yes
Dedicated (virtual) server machine no no yes
Dedicated embedded database no yes no
Dedicated 2nd tier database server no no yes
Dedicated (individually restorable) backup no yes yes
Centralized administration no yes yes
Separation of privileged accounts no yes yes
Scheduled deletions (users, content) no yes yes
User maintenance via LDAP no yes yes
Custom use notification at login no yes yes
Scheduled changes of password no yes yes
Prevent reuse of passwords no yes yes
Minimum lifetime of passwords no yes yes
2-factor authentication (1-time-token) no yes yes
Limitation of failed login attempts (lock account) no yes yes
Obscured feedback on failed login no yes yes
Screen lock (re-authentication) no yes yes
MeetingSphere address (URL)