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Meeting Center Server - SCIF

For compartmented environments.

MeetingSphere® Meeting Center Server - SCIF Edition

The SCIF Edition of the Meeting Center Server is the meeting and workshop solution for sensitive compartmented information facilities.

Features include

  • Full set of MeetingSphere group workspaces*
  • Enterprise class application server
    • operating system: Linux or Windows (please specify in order)
    • database: embedded Apache Derby (default) or choice of customer-supplied database servers
  • Installed on the customer’s secure network
  • Single Sign On integration (SAML2.0)
  • Enterprise class security controls
  • Branded login page, lobby, meeting reports
  • Easy roll-out across the organization - just add licenses
  • Personally licensed Facilitators can run unlimited meetings and workshops with unlimited** participants
  • Reportable events have been eliminated. The server does not need to connect to MeetingSphere’s online licensing system (the MeetingSphere Store).

*Like its commercial sibling, the SCIF Edition of the Meeting Center Server supports voice conferencing and screen sharing. However, these services require Internet access by both the server and clients which will not be available from most SCIF-type environments.

System and Deployment Guide

Software requirements are given below. 

Once the customer has made its deployment decisions and implemented them on the network, deployment is easy: Download the installer, execute, configure. Software maintenance is a matter of minutes as it occurs by download and implementation of executable update installers.

Deployment of a Meeting Center Server - SCIF Edition requires

  • A one-time installation support fee
  • A Subscription for the server software
  • At least one Leader or Facilitator subscription covering the required number of leader and/or facilitator licenses.

**Disclaimer: MeetingSphere is not meant as a tool for mass communication. The number of concurrent participants supported in a meeting depends on the equipment and network infrastructure participants use. For example, participants joining without a headset or over a noisy line can force leaders to revert to "Mute all/Push-to-talk" early. Likewise, several participants sitting behind one slow firewall can spoil the screen sharing experience for these users. Moreover, events and conditions on the Internet which are outside MeetingSphere's control can affect the quality, in particular, of voice connections.

'Anytime sessions' to which participants contribute in their own time do not require a voice conference and will accept contributions from several hundred participants.

Software Requirements

Supported operating systems (x86_64) Supported databases
Amazon Linux 2 Apache Derby (embedded)
CentOS Linux 7 or later MS SQL Server 2016 or later
RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 or later MySQL 5 (compatible) or later, e.g. Aurora
Windows Server 2016 or later  

Note: The MeetingSphere installer delivers and installs an OpenJDK 8 Development Kit.