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MeetingSphere® Connect

MeetingSphere Connect gives you the full MeetingSphere tool kit without the burden of corporate style administration and cost.

Keep MeetingSphere separate or invite colleagues or co-professionals to connect their MeetingSphere to yours for easy collaboration on sessions. Or accept their invitation. Connect or disconnect by a push of a button. It is that easy.

When connected, your MeetingSphere environment remains yours. And theirs theirs. But you and your colleagues or partners can easily collaborate on sessions and even run sessions on behalf of each other - strictly on a case-by-case basis.

  • Individuals grow a network of collaborators
  • Teams simply get going
  • Small businesses grow their use of MeetingSphere organically

MeetingSphere Connect is delivered as a software service (SaaS) from the Amazon Cloud which provides the highest levels of security and, of course, 24 x 7 application monitoring.

You and anyone you connect to requires a MeetingSphere Connect subscription. Each subscription covers an unlimited number of workshops, with as many participants as you like, at no extra cost.

    Free 30-day trial

    Other options

    Deployments for organizations
    If you work in a larger organization and you want to change the way that organization does business, you may want to check out MeetingSphere deployments for organizations which are available both from the cloud or for installation in the data center.

    Portable Server
    If, for some or all of your workshops or meetings, you cannot or must not rely on the Internet, the Portable MeetingSphere Server may be for you. Portable MeetingSphere Server is optimized for easy deployment by non-technical people on separate (wireless) networks. The SCIF Edition of the Portable Server meets the requirements of sensitive compartmented information facilities.

    Comparison of cloud deployments

      MeetingSphere Connect Enterprise MeetingSphere Managed Enterprise Server
    Full MeetingSphere toolkit yes yes yes
    Authenticated sessions yes yes yes
    Sessions by personal link (optional) yes yes yes
    Open sessions (optional) yes yes yes
    SSL encryption of traffic yes yes yes
    Disc encryption (data at rest) yes yes yes
    Connect to other deployments yes no no
    Dedicated web container no yes yes
    Dedicated (virtual) server machine no no yes
    Dedicated embedded database no yes no
    Dedicated 2nd tier database server no no yes
    Dedicated (individually restorable) backup no yes yes
    Centralized administration no yes yes
    Separation of privileged accounts no yes yes
    Scheduled deletions (users, content) no yes yes
    User maintenance via LDAP no yes yes
    Custom use notification at login no yes yes
    Scheduled changes of password no yes yes
    Prevent reuse of passwords no yes yes
    Minimum lifetime of passwords no yes yes
    2-factor authentication (1-time-token) no yes yes
    Limitation of failed login attempts (lock account) no yes yes
    Obscured feedback on failed login no yes yes
    Screen lock (re-authentication) no yes yes
    MeetingSphere address (URL)